General Academic Information


We are a 5day schedule – Monday to Friday


In both languages spelling tests are written on Friday – only in exceptional cases, the tests will not be written the staff member will in advance make arrangements with the learnersWords to spell are usually provided to learners on a Monday and worked through.

Learners must have an Afrikaans and English magazine in their bags. These journals are used in class for class assignments. An Afrikaans and English dictionary will be of great help! Even a newspaper can help!

Learners have language homework everyday reading and spelling. Grammar can be improved at home by the learner reading an article in a magazine / report in a newspaper and eg. let them underline the verbs with red; or the nouns blue; the pictures with yellow and so on. Learners can then write out the words and sentences themselves in their own use. There are countless ways to improve / capture grammar knowledge, the teacher does not need to give formal homework every day!


A time tables test is written every Friday – only in exceptional cases, the tests will not be written the staff member will make arrangements in  advance.

Learners have Mathematics homework every day they should know their time tables off the top of their heads. This should be worked on everyday.

Other Areas of Study

Sometimes learners will be expected to have pictures / information regarding a certain topic at school. If the learner does not have the information / pictures, he / she can not go on with their classwork. Although the teacher will have the necessary information available in the class, students should make attempts to get their own information.

Sometimes the learner is will be expected to complete his / her informal class work as homework. Because class work is very important, it is essential that learner completes this work.


Class work is a very important aspect when it comes to continuous assessment, so it is very important that in the learner pays attention in class and work when they have to work;

Learners should be encouraged to work neatly;

Learners’ formal scripts are not necessarily sent home every week, but will go home on a regular basis (every 2 or 3 weeks) also before each test series.

Behaviour in class must be of such a nature that he / she never disrupts the class, because then no successfully learning can take place;

NO tasks will be done at home  – they bring supplies to school;

Tests demarcation and learning (notes) will be given at least two weeks before the start of the series to the learners;

During quarter 1, 2 and 3 will be official tests in all areas of learning and at the end of the year, students will write a full examination.

At the end of each quarter a detailed report will be sent to the parents;

At the end of the year each learner receives a full report with all three quarters points, as well as the promotion mark. (The promotion is calculated by averaging the three quarters mark and the examination mark.)

Formally assessed assignments are only finished in class and not at home. If learners were absent during such an assignment  he / she make arrangements with the teacher to catch up with the work.