Governing Body

The Governing Body of Edleen Primary is poudly in the service of all Parents, Students and Staff. The governing body strives for equality, openness, diligence, honesty and commitment for all parties in the  Edleen Primary community:

It is of the utmost importance to the Governing Body to at all times be transparent in the management of our school, the safety of our students and staff, creating a positive environment and the optimal use of
technology as a teaching tool.

Extracurricular activities are strongly supported by ensuring that at all times the necessary facilities are available for the wide range of activities offered. These facilities are also managed and presented by highly motivated and professional staff with a passion for the activity in question.

The image of our school in the community is important to us and maintaining our proud academic standard, quality of our extra-curricular activities as well as our teaching facilities are our priority.

We invite you to feel free to call the members of the governing body if you desire any information regarding the Governing Body and its functions. Contact details are available at the school. Edleen Primary Governing Body is there for you as a parent, and you are welcome to approach us!